Last year while I was sitting in the lunchroom at my job scrolling through my twitter feed, I came across a breaking news tweet from TMZ about Daisy Lewellyn, one of the stars of the reality show Blood Sweat and Heels. At 36 Daisy had lost her fight against cancer. As I finished reading the article, all I could do was pray.

This woman who was so vibrant, who was living her dream, accomplishing her goals, who had beaten cancer and was in remission, had died. On the show, one of the things that stood out to me about Daisy was her work ethic. Yes, she was part of cattiness and drama but that nor her illness stopped her. She was always on her grind and about her business.

The past couple of days I thought about the struggles I’ve been having and how I allowed them to hamper my progress. Instead of being proactive, I dwelled on my problems and before I knew it, I had wasted valuable time. Although it has been a year since Daisy’s death, I reminded myself of what she accomplished with the time she was given.

Just do it!

Daisy taught me that setbacks prepare you for the ultimate setup. She taught me when things are going bad, there is always something to be grateful for. Most importantly, she taught me to JUST DO IT! There is no excuse why you haven’t completed what you set out to do.

We can’t get back time, but we can be intentional about what we do with our time. Life is too short to be stressing over things we can’t control. I have to remind myself daily that everything I’m going through is to fulfill my purpose. I can only imagine where Daisy’s career would be right now if she was still alive fulfilling her purpose.

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