October 21, 2018

How I’m Dealing with Anxiety as a Makeup Artist

Make-up Artistry has always been my creative outlet and the one thing that always brings me so much joy. During the early days of my makeup journey, I took every opportunity I could to learn everything about makeup. Although my skills weren’t where I would have liked it to be, I never allowed it to stop me from taking certain gigs.

However, for the last several years, I have been struggling with confidence when it comes to my makeup artistry. Doing makeup has left me with a level of anxiety that I never experienced before.

Instead of enjoying the moment, I find myself worrying about everything; from the model liking me, to whether or not the final looks will turn out great, or if the client will be happy with their makeup.

There are times when I am able to push through the anxiety and just focus on doing my best, and then there have been times where I literally had to bow out because I felt so overwhelmed.

If I said I didn’t know where all this anxiety and doubt came from I would be lying. I remember the exact moment it all started but instead of acknowledging the trigger and finding ways to manage it, I simply pushed it to the back of my mind.

Sadly, I’ve realized it still plays a huge role in why I haven’t been giving it my all when it comes to promoting my myself as a Makeup Artist.

A Breakthrough

As of late I am trying my best to break away from the negative thoughts that hold me back from stepping out of my comfort zone. I try my best not to let social media and the comparison game consume me.

Instead, I follow MUAs whose work I admire and inspires me, as well as provide amazing tips to navigate this ever changing industry.

Before a gig, I try to mentally prepare myself by speaking words of affirmation to calm my mind, go through my photo morgue for inspiration and prayer.

One thing I still haven’t been able to do is establish friendships with other Makeup Artists or find a mentor, but thank God for Twitter because I’ve been able to connect with some awesome MUAs who I can talk all things makeup with.

I’m pretty private when it comes to my personal struggles so being vulnerable online is a huge deal for me. However, my goal in writing this post is to help not only myself but to help other artists who are also going through a similar situation.

No one’s journey is going to be a smooth ride. There will be things that will hamper you and its okay to take time to recuperate, rethink and regroup.

Makeup Artistry has changed so much in the last ten years especially with the rise of social media. I’ve learned that I have to be very careful who I allow to influence my journey and who I share my journey with.

Discernment is key because I’ve learned not everyone is truly supportive of me. Most importantly I’ve learned there is a place for me within the makeup industry.

“Stop lettin your ideas and talent go to waste due to lack of confidence. Someone not as dope as you will pass you simply cuz they believe in themselves more. That S%^ will haunt you.” – @russdiemon


Until Next Time…