January 16, 2018

Finding Balance and Joy in the New Year

We are now more than two weeks into the new year and I still can’t believe it. I feel like time is moving way too fast, but that’s the thing with time, it waits for no one. I’m excited, nervous and overwhelmed about what 2018 has in store for me. To be REALLY honest, the way I feel now is the same way I felt this time last year.

I was so ready for 2017, I just knew it was going to be my year, and then just like that things just went downhill and before I knew it, it was October and I questioning how I got to this point without accomplishing most of my goals. Although the year didn’t end the way I had anticipated, I did learn a few valuable lessons.

1. Putting myself first is the most important thing I can do for my life
2. My mental health is just as important as physical health
3. Saying NO without feeling guilty or providing a reason is good for my soul
4. Eight hours of sleep is a MUST
5. I operate on God’s time! I learned to be content with where I am

Like a fresh loose leaf notebook, I am starting the year off brand new.

Despite last year being a disappointment, I refuse to let fear and doubt manifest into the new year. So like a fresh loose leaf notebook, I am starting the year off brand new. A few weeks ago while listening to the podcast Side Hustle Chat, one of the guest on the show, TamiekaG talked about her weight lost journey and what motivated her to lose weight. Intrigued by her story, I decided to browse her website. As I scrolled through her blog, I came across one of her post called Project Me, where she discussed taking a much needed break from everyone and everything including her high paying job to travel the world and focus on herself.

After reading it, I felt inspired to create my own Project Me. My list isn’t super long, but it includes several personal goals that I’ve always wanted to do for the past few years but due to time and financial reasons I just never took the initiative. This year I want to not only achieve professional success but I also want to achieve personal success.

Even though, I know there will be some setbacks, last year taught me that setbacks are just set ups for greater come backs. Instead of dwelling on them I will see them as preparation for the next challenge that lies ahead. So here’s to 2018 and all that it brings, I already look forward to the busy times ahead.

Until next time….