March 27, 2017

5 Things that Have Helped Me as a Makeup Artist

Over the weekend I finally hopped on Periscope after a long hiatus to discuss some of the changes I made in order to grow as a Makeup Artist.  After a few trial and errors, here are five things that have helped me so far:

1.       Create Quarterly Goals

This year instead of creating a vision board, I decided to create a Quarterly Goals List. For every quarter I’ve written down 2 to 3 goals I need to complete within a three month time-frame.  For each goal I create action plans or steps needed to complete each goal. I also make sure each goal is realistic and achievable.

So far I have accomplished my biggest first quarter goal; launching my website. If you are one of those people who love the feeling of checking tasks off your To Do List, then a Quarterly Goals List is for you.

2.       Be Open to Doing Different Types of Makeup Looks

When I realized what area of makeup artistry I wanted to focus on, I dove straight into searching for beauty and lifestyle castings on Model Mayhem. I thought why waste my time and product on a shoot I’m not interested in or can’t use in my portfolio.

I soon realized if I wanted to perfect my skills and increase my makeup knowledge I needed to step outside of the box. When you’re just starting out, it’s not the time to be picky. Take the experience and run with it.

3.       Details of the Shoot: Are We on the Same Page

I can’t tell you how many times a model has reached out to me about a shoot, we discuss and agree on a theme, only to arrive at the shoot and the photographer has a totally different idea in mind.

Before you agree to collaborate on any shoot with a model, stylist, or photographer make sure everyone who is involved in the shoot is on the same page. When in doubt do not be afraid to ask questions.  The goal of the test shoot is get photos that will benefit everyone.

4.       Add Your Best Work to Your Social Media Accounts

It goes without saying that you should only put your best work on your portfolio. The same can be said for your social media accounts. If you have to question whether you should upload a picture, then more than likely you shouldn’t.

Before I took Instagram seriously I would upload pictures of beauty related things and few pictures of my work. Then I realized how huge Instagram had become and I decided to get a bit more serious with what I posted.

Now I’m not saying you have to be over the top with your Instagram layout but you should be somewhat particular about what you upload, especially if you don’t have a website yet.  I love the process of doing makeup and being on set, so I tend to post a lot of BTS (Behind the Scenes) pictures and videos. Let’s face it a visually pleasing image is what people want to see so even if you only have a few photos only upload your best.

5.       Get Educated

Like most artist, I am self taught. Although I went to makeup school, I only learned the basics. I knew there was more I needed to learn but due to lack of finances I had to look at different educational options. This year I plan to step my education game up.

As part of my first quarter goals I plan to take several workshops that focus on the areas I need to improve on. I also plan to attend a master class from an artist whose work I admire and area of makeup I am interested in.  If you’re thinking about attending a master class or work shop, think of them as an investment and choose wisely.

If you can’t afford classes, follow your favorite artist on Periscope or Youtube. Some of my favorite artists are constantly dropping knowledge on Periscope. Finally, invest in some really good beauty and skincare related books which you can easily get on Amazon.  Then take all that knowledge and practice, practice practice! No excuses.


Until next time…


Hi Teresa!

Thanks for stopping by. Yes! I believe number one can help everyone achieve their goals.

Doing good things and making moves! Good advice for anyone trying to achieve a goal.

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Thanks for sharing!! I’m expecting great things!

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