March 10, 2019

Makeup, Moods & Moments|Covergirl Queen Collection and Makeup Primers

March is here, daylight saving starts today and if you’re like me then you’re so over this weather. To be honest I really don’t need four seasons. Just give me spring and summer and I’m good to go. Y’all can keep that hoodie weather for yourselves. 

Since this is a new month, I figured what better way to start the month off than with my first Makeup, Moods and Moments post.

As I mentioned in my previous post, MMM will just be me rambling on about things that have caught my attention.

So first thing FIRST, what’s up with Covergirl and their Queen collection? Last month while shopping in Harmons, I noticed the whole Queen Collection line in a discount box. Yet all the non Queen Collection items where nicely displayed.

The Queen Collection is also not featured on the covergirl website. Clearly, Covergirl decided to make some major changes but hopefully they come correct because I would hate to see them get dragged via twitter.


Hopefully by now you’ve read the book Becoming by Michelle Obama, if not add it to your 2019 reading list right NOW! I even decided to read Dreams from My Father by Barack Obama because I was so inspired by Becoming.

Speaking of inspiration, I have fallen in love with Interior Designer Karin Bohn. Last summer I came across her youtube channel and I literally watched every single video of hers in three days.

She is an amazing interior designer who is about her business. I love how transparent she is about what it takes to be a successful business woman and she provides great tips for anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur. 

Love, Like, Hate

Do people still care about Facebook Fan Pages and when are the overly curated Instagram feeds going to end?

I was so hype to get the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Oil after hearing all the rave via Instagram Stories, only to realize it has Almond oil in it. Why must tree nuts be an ingredient in cosmetic products and when are these companies going to realize how serious of allergen they are?

This may come as a shock to some of you but, I am not a fan of Sephora. I get extremely overwhelmed when I’m in the store. There’s  just way too many makeup and skincare options to choose from that my mind just goes into product overload. So unless I need to do a makeup swatch, I’ll just stick to purchasing my item of choice via

I have to let ya’ll know what Zoya nail polishes are the BOMB and you need them in your life. Thank you me later.

If you’re looking for something to listen to in the morning, then check out these three podcast, How Does She Do It, Clever Girls Know Podcast, and Dreams in Drive.

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Until Next time