May 3, 2018

I Tried Laser Hair Removal: Here’s What Happened

For several years I toyed with the idea of getting laser hair removal. Thanks to my good ole family genes my unwanted upper lip hair was becoming more and more of a burden. Some days I’ve even had to avoid wearing bright colored lipsticks because I didn’t want to call attention to my “mustache.”

Three weeks couldn’t go by without me making a trip to my local threading shop! Yes, you read it right, I get my upper lip threaded. The maintenance had become one beauty regimen I was not happy to do. 

As a deep melaninated woman, scarring was one of my biggest concerns.

A few years ago a friend of mine who also struggled with unwanted hair recommended I go to Satori Laser Center. After seeing her results, I was sold, however I was scared to take the leap. I’d heard stories about laser hair removal procedures going wrong.

Instead of just removal of unwanted hair, customers were also left with really bad scars. As a deep melaninated woman, scarring was one of my biggest concerns.

This past Christmas however, my friend gifted me three laser treatments at Satori Laser Center, and since I promised myself I would commit to my Project Me, it was now or never.

Santori Laser Center

There are six Satori Laser locations to choose from; five of which are located in New York. Since I work in the city I decided to book my appointment at the 14th Street location.

When I arrived, I was greeted by the receptionist who instructed me to sign in via an iPad. Instead of filling out the usual paperwork, I completed my personal information and skincare/health related questions using the iPad.

Once I completed the questionnaire, I sat in the waiting area. A few minutes later I was greeted by Aziza, the laser technician and was taken into the consultation room to discuss my treatment plan and the laser procedure. She explained the stages of the hair removal process and how long it would take before the hair would be completely gone. Since I was getting my upper lip done, she informed me that I would need six laser treatments to achieve the best results. 

“Please don’t let anything go wrong”

After the consultation I was taken into the laser treatment room which resembles a standard examination room. At this point I started to get really nervous. As I laid on the table, all I kept thinking was “Please don’t let anything go wrong”.

Before she started, Aziza shaved my upper lip and throughly removed the makeup around my mouth. I think she sensed my fear and attempted to reassure me with the advice to relax and that the procedure would only last five minutes.

As she placed goggles over my eyes, I asked if there would be any scarring after the procedure. She said no and explained that each machine used is geared towards various skin tones. 

Before she started, she asked if I was ready. I took a deep breathe and said “yes”. As she leaned over, she applied the the first laser pulse to the corner of my lip and BAYBEEE I saw stars, yes STARS! little white falling stars.

I was so shocked by the pain that all I could do was laugh. For 20 seconds I laughed, I was not expecting that feeling from the laser and from her reaction, Aziza didn’t expect me to react the way I did either.

The laser felt like ten rubber bands popping against my skin at the same time. Before she could continue I braced myself for the pain, but as she began to laser across my upper lip the pain became less intense; however when she got to the corner of my upper lip I once again felt that initial pain. I figured this area was more sensitive because it was the corner of my lip which had the most hair.

Once Aziza was done, she informed me of the aftercare process and told me to make an appointment for my next session in four weeks. At that moment, I thought to myself, what did I get myself into and how was I going to manage going through another treatment?

The next day I experienced some discomfort, dryness and scabbing, but by the third day my skin was back to normal. I didn’t wear foundation for two days except for sunscreen and translucent powder.

I know some of you may be thinking “Oh girl, it couldn’t have been that bad” and you might be right especially if you have a high tolerance for pain; however, for someone who has been getting her eyebrows and upper lip threaded for over ten years, this was a pain I probably will never get use to.

As the old adage says, “beauty is pain!”, so I’m just going to have to suck it up.  So far, I am happy with my results. I have three more treatments and then I will move on to my chin (Pray for me y’all). If you are looking for an affordable, clean and friendly laser hair removal center, then definitely check out Satori Laser Center.

Until Next Time,

P.S It’s been two months since my first laser treatment and I must say it does get a bit (and I mean just a tiny bit) easier due to the fact that I have less hair on my upper lip now. I can’t wait to see the full results in the coming weeks.

Photo Credit: Craigasmithphotos


Thanks for sharing your experience Tanica! I’ve been contemplating hair removal as well and just might do it now. 💜

You’re welcome! Glad you found the article helpful.


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