May 24, 2017

20 Facts About Me

So today is my birthday and I must say I am truly happy and blessed to see another year. There was a time when my birthday was a reminder of what I hadn’t accomplished and what was missing in my life. However, as I enjoy the current decade that I’m in I figured why not get to know me better by sharing 20 facts about me.

  1. My favorite cosmetic items are lipsticks and blushes
  2.  I can’t swim
  3. My favorite movie is Ever After followed by Beyond the Lights
  4. If you want to get back on my good side buy me a loaf of Hard Dough bread and a pack of green sour power
  5. I absolutely cannot stand inconsiderate people
  6. I get nervous every time I have a photoshoot
  7. I am allergic to tree nuts and shellfish
  8. I can’t play spades. I mean I can play but not that well LOL!
  9. I love to travel and my favorite vacations are adventurous ones
  10. Lateness is one of my biggest pet peeves
  11. I am an INFJ
  12. I LOVE Tea! I always say when in doubt just drink a cup of tea
  13. People still spell and say my name wrong. Its Tuh-Knee-Cah
  14. I get overwhelmed when I’m in Sephora. Options overload
  15. I am a worry wart
  16. I still struggle to apply false lashes on myself
  17. I am somewhat of a germaphobe. Dirty bathrooms, kitchens, and buses freak me out
  18. I hate the smell of lavendar
  19. My favorite color is purple
  20. Every day I fall more in love with who I am

Until next time…….


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